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A Vietnamese tuy vậy has recently stirred up controversy, as it sounds suspiciously like Charlie Puth’s hit, ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore.’

‘Chung Ta Khong Thuoc ve Nhau’ (We Don’t Belong khổng lồ Each Other) is the latest music video clip by Son Tung M-TP, an emerging young singer.You watching: Tuttle englishBạn vẫn xem: bọn họ không trực thuộc về nhau

The piece of music tells the story of a guy, starring Son Tung, who tries hard to look for a girlfriend but continuously fails due lớn his selfishness.

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Unusual similarities

Both works of Tung & Puth were released on August 2 on YouTube and attracted a huge number of viewers.

A few hours from the release, Vietnamese listeners quickly realized similarities between the two songs, questioning the origin of Tung’s work.

On his Facebook fan page, DJ Heyder, the artist involved in the production of ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore,’ posted a status on August 3 saying the Vietnamese track sounds “quite similar” to lớn his remix.

The post received 13,000 likes & over 2,000 shares.

The reactions came mainly from those Vietnamese who had already recognized the similarities between the two songs.

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In an interview with news website VnExpress on August 9, the 25-year-old DJ called ‘Chung Ta Khong Thuoc ve sầu Nhau’ the “Vietnamese version” of his remix.See more: Tddd Mở siêu thị Thế Giới Di Động open Lúc máy H và Đóng cửa ngõ Lúc

The Vietnamese tuy vậy has so far received over 29 million views.

A mashup video which compares the similarities between ‘Chung Ta Khong Thuoc ve sầu Nhau’ by Son Tung M-TP & ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’ by Charlie Puth

Questions from K-pop fans

Not only is its beat said lớn plagiarize the U.S. Hit but local K-pop fans have also found out that the song’s chorus is similar lớn that of a tuy nhiên named ‘Fire’ by BTS, a Korean boy band.

Some scenes made audiences think about artworks by famous Korean artists such as G-Dragon or Big Bang.

On YouTube, users have made a number of đoạn phim mashups lớn prove that Tung’s tuy vậy is unusually similar to lớn those international artworks.

This is not the first time Tung has stirred debate over his songs.

Last year, the singer, now 22, released his hit ‘Chac Ai vị Se Ve’ (Maybe Someone Will Come Back) & quickly captured public attention, not merely because of its strange melody but also due khổng lồ its highly questionable origin.See more: bài Thơ Hịch tướng Sĩ Của trằn Quốc Tuấn ), Hịch tướng mạo Sĩ

Tung was finally forced to lớn change the beat of the song.

A mashup đoạn phim which compares the similarities between the chorus of ‘Chung Ta Khong Thuoc ve sầu Nhau’ by Son Tung M-TP and ‘Fire’ by BTS

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