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I was browsing the PS store today, and I noticed the classic PS1 section. They had the Final Fantasy games 7, 8 và 9. I enjoy the odd JRPG but I"m not an avid fan hâm mộ and I"ve never played any of the classic Final Fantasies. Since the FF stories aren"t linked between games, which bởi you guys think would be the best option? I was thinking FF IX...

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Final Fantasy IX is my personal favorite and full of references khổng lồ all the classic Final Fantasy games. VII is good but can drag on at the start pretty badly. VIII has probably the most interesting world, but the characters fell flat for me.


Well FFIX is the most "advanced" of the three, obviously. FFVII is my favorite, but I"d still suggest you try out either VIII or IX first for a more refined experience. But since you"re very young, chances are you can"t get into any of those ;)


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Well if you want a more Sci-fi RPG get 7 or possibly 8. If you want an RPG that is full of knights & mages go for 9. VII is my favorite but that"s mainly as it was the first FF game i played.

VII is a game everyone should play just for its classic nature. IX, however, is one of the best games in the series.

Thanks for the all the feedback, I think I"ll probably go with 7, & if I love it, I"ll probably pick up the others, or at least 9

tiwi said:

" lol. Why isn"t 6 or 3 on this list? 6 is the best game in the franchise, và I love the characters in 3. But out of the three you listed: 9, not even a discussion. "

edit: never mind  
I"m 15, if you would consider that "very young"? "

Yes, definitely. Means you were 2 when VII hit & changed the gaming world, chances are your first gaming experiences were of the next generation, not the best premise for a fair judgment of either of those three gems, if you ask me. They were more than amazing at the time và never lost their effect on most of the people who experienced them back then, but FF games especially get a lot of hate from younger crowds who experience them for the first time years và years later, expecting khổng lồ be blown away lượt thích past crowds have been. Just don"t get your hopes up too high, is all I"m saying. From the standpoint of a real tín đồ I"d have lớn be all like: "OMG get VII, my FAV!!!111" - just trying khổng lồ be realistic here. :P Fun fact: I"m playing VII right now leveling up my wonderful Chocobos in the Gold Saucer!