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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

We were too curious to lớn knew what will gonna happen lớn Jin Wook as he also didn't knew who Dong Goo is and his father saw him toget...

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The Third Wheel of the Date - My Secret Romance: Episode 9 (Review)

We were too curious to lớn knew what will gonna happen to Jin Wook as he also didn"t knew who Dong Goo is và his father saw him together with the kid at the park & also the chairman assume Dong Goo as his grandson. Look lượt thích a big earthquake will shake jin Wook và Yoo Mi"s romance và the villain is non other then Jin Wook"s father the chairman.
After curing his hangover Jin Wook was back he gave a bath lớn Dong Goo & come khổng lồ see the rashes on his back which made him worried. Yoo mi when saw Jin Wook didn"t leave và took care for Dong Goo she was grateful. While leaving Jin Wook took a chance & kiss Yoo mi as a reward for taking care of little Dong Goo.

Jin Wook"s behavior was making Yoo mi more confuse, she wanted to lớn knew what made him change his attitutde and take care of Dong Woo all day long. On the other hand Jin Wook was also curious who actually Dong Goo was is he their child who born 3 years ago. Yoo ngươi didn"t clear things saying she don"t want khổng lồ make it more complicated but she only did it with him.Hyun Tae và Hye Ri come to lớn knew the relationship between them. We got a feeling things will not be good in future as Hye Ri has a really bad temper & was full of jealousy. She will for sure create problems for them.

Jin Wook reminded off his childhood how lonely he lived without a mother & didn"t got any affection from his father. So he decide to take care of his family and not lớn make his child suffer lượt thích him. As a gratitude from father to lớn a son he launch paired underwear with a theme "i am your father

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Chairman visited the cafeteria unexpectedly which surprise all the workers. Infact he was there lớn talk to Yoo mày about Jin Wook & let her knew that he was waiting for the time Jin Wook will over everything over on his own. The chairman was way being too cruel then the witchy mothers we feel sorry for poor Yoo Mi.

It was another date Jin Wook dragged Yoo Mi và Dong Goo along with him. He wanted to spent time with his family, but Yoo mi feels cast aside as a third wheel while Jin Wook showed care only for little Dong Goo. This reminded us of "Jealousy Incarnate".

After a happy date with his family Jin Wook called out his sectary Woo Jin for a drink và wanted to clear things as if he was playing the role the double agent spy. There sectary Woo Jin come to lớn realize he was being used & the chairman didn"t even trust him.Yoo mày was thinking what"s the meaning behind the date all Jin Wook cared for Dong Goo & also wanted to go out again next time. Rather then taking notice of Chairman"s warning Yoo mày decided to follow her heart who lead towards Jin Wook. Stay tuned to lớn find out more about their secret romance in the next episode.
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