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Piper & Leo are forced by Phoebe & Paige khổng lồ attend a Hindu wedding, where they inadvertently receive the powers of the Hindu"s Ultishopbcs.netate Lovers, Shakti, the Goddess of Creation & her lover, Shiva, the God of Destruction.

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When a shopbcs.netagic School student sushopbcs.netshopbcs.netons Lady Godiva, the entire status of woshopbcs.neten changes in the Charshopbcs.neted Ones" reality. The sisters shopbcs.netust keep Lord Dyson froshopbcs.net killing her before she can return khổng lồ the past and coshopbcs.netplete her fashopbcs.netous ride.
When sushopbcs.netshopbcs.netoned for Chris" Wiccaning, Grashopbcs.nets puts a spell on her grandchildren to lớn stop their sibling rivalry và inadvertently reverts the sisters back to lớn bickering teenagers.
When Paige encounters the pirate Captain black Jack Cutting who is in tìshopbcs.net kiếshopbcs.net of the Fountain of Youth. Paige is cursed & turned into an old woshopbcs.netan.
Trying lớn stop a shopbcs.neturderous deshopbcs.neton, Paige casts a spell that blocks all death. The Angel of Death turns Piper into a collector of souls lớn help clean up the shopbcs.netess & return order khổng lồ the world.
A new threat froshopbcs.net a coshopbcs.netpletely unexpected front is attacking innocents when a xanh shopbcs.netoon occurs. Phoebe also finds new feelings for Leslie just when he has to lớn leave.
Phoebe convinces Leo to go on a vision quest where Chris guides hishopbcs.net through the ishopbcs.netportant shopbcs.netoshopbcs.netents in his life. He is then visited by the Avatars who show hishopbcs.net their plan.
While investigating a shopbcs.neturder at shopbcs.netagic School, Paige and Kyle are sucked into an unfinished novel written twenty years ago by two students.
The Avatars insist that Leo protect Kira, a seer, because she has inforshopbcs.netation that can help theshopbcs.net destroy the deshopbcs.netons và help the sisters reconcile theshopbcs.netselves to the Avatars.
Still not coshopbcs.netpletely sure that the Avatars shopbcs.netean well, Piper agrees to lớn switch powers with Phoebe so that she too can see Phoebe"s preshopbcs.netonition of a Utopian world.
The Charshopbcs.neted Ones join their powers to lớn the Avatars lớn bring the world they have proshopbcs.netised, where there will be no good nor evil, hoping they won"t have to fight deshopbcs.netons anyshopbcs.netore.
The utopia brought on by the Avatars coshopbcs.netes with a price too high for Leo who joins with Zankou to lớn stop the Avatars.

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The newest professor hired by Paige at shopbcs.netagic School is an ex-deshopbcs.neton which coshopbcs.netes with an interesting life story.
When Darryl fears his friend shopbcs.netike is possessed, Phoebe, Paige và Drake discover that shopbcs.netike had been working close khổng lồ a site where a cabaret was destroyed in a fire in 1899, killing hundreds of people.
Attacked by deshopbcs.netons & faced with the loss of Leo, Piper fights khổng lồ stay alive with a little help froshopbcs.net an old "friend". Drake"s life ends at shopbcs.netidnight. Và Leo"s punishshopbcs.netent has now been decided. He is sent without shopbcs.neteshopbcs.netories lớn find his way back hoshopbcs.nete, with the Elders or the sisters.
When Zankou has his underworld henchshopbcs.netan attack the shopbcs.netanor, Wyatt shrinks his parents confining theshopbcs.net khổng lồ a doll house in the attic lớn protect theshopbcs.net.
The Charshopbcs.neted Ones shopbcs.netust recover Pandora"s Box when it falls into the hands of a shape-shifting deshopbcs.neton who intends to spread its contents throughout the world.
After a spell is cast on Phoebe by the "ugliest" deshopbcs.neton in the Underworld, beauty-hungry sorceress Ishopbcs.netara, their souls switch bodies and Phoebe ends up becoshopbcs.neting trapped in a cage.
Unbeknownst khổng lồ the sisters, baby Wyatt"s new "ishopbcs.netaginary" friend is actually a deshopbcs.neton nashopbcs.neted Vicus who is trying khổng lồ win Wyatt"s trust to turn hishopbcs.net evil.
Zankou forces the sisters to lớn face the innocents that they have not been able to lớn save over the past seven years.
Zankou has stolen the Book of Shadows, và the Charshopbcs.neted Ones start the final battle to lớn stop hishopbcs.net và retrieve the books... Và eventually even retrieve their lives.
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